Custom Design Services for Standard Cell Libraries


Chipchain can provide custom services for standard cell libraries. As the applications of integrated circuit chips becomes more abundant and the production cost of advanced technology becomes higher and higher, how integrated circuit chips can improve performance, reduce power consumption and reduce area under current physical conditions has become more and more critical. The custom design services for standard cell library is a powerful way to help customers balance PPA and enhance comprehensive competition.

Chipchain’s custom design for standard cell library can customize various required circuit cells, including various types of gate circuits, inverters, flip-flops, adders, etc., according to the application scenarios of the customer’s chip and the characteristics of the front-end design. At the same time, the service includes the design of standard cell libraries with different corners and different voltages, so as to achieve the best PPA of the application, improve design efficiency and enhance product competitiveness.

  • Providing the development of a full set of STD CELL library and deliver the completed design kits and related test reports according to industry standards. With its professional technical strength, Chipchain provides customers with a one-stop turnkey solution from standard cell library development, optimization of standard cell library indicators, quality inspection of cell library files, optimization of cell library characteristics to cell library design kits and database maintenance.

  • Providing customers with complete and high-standard cell library ReK services and deliver related kits Cells can be customized according to requirements to achieve the best PPA. such as DFF, which adopts dynamic logic not only to reduce the area but also to greatly reduce the power consumption. Such as the half adder and the full adder which are optimized based on the cell provided by the fab. The area can be reduced under the premise that the speed and power consumption are basically unchanged, so as to achieve the purpose of saving costs.