Our Services


Chipchain is committed to providing one-stop services with complete design processes which include specification definition, chip design, wafer tape-out, packaging/testing and etc. Products range from ASICs such as Blockchain, IoT, AI and etc to SoCs, Chipchain has accumulated rich successful tape-out experiences, especially in the design of ultra-low power and high-performance computing chips. The key to provide customers with intelligent, efficient and on-time chip services lies in our capabilities of chip design capabilities of advanced process from 40nm to 6nm and complete supply chain management.

Chip Design Services

  • Chipchain is capable of providing customers with services of all processes from specification definition to mass production, including architecture planning, algorithm optimization, front-end design, verification, back-end design, tape-out, packaging and testing.

IP Licensing Services

  • We can provide various integer, decimal, spread spectrum and linear frequency modulation phase-locked loops (PPL).
  • low dropout regulators (LDO).
  • voltage sensors and temperature sensors.

Custom Design Services for Standard Cell

  • We can provide standard cell library customization service, including ultra-low voltage library characterization, multi-bit DFF design etc.

Full Custom Design Methodology

Chipchain can customize the unique cell library according to the specific algorithm. In terms of RTL design/integration/layout/clock tree, Chipchain uses customization and manual methods to achieve the ultimate PPA performance index. According to the specific implementation of different algorithms, Chipchain customizes the combination logic and sequence logic to achieve full optimization of PPA.

Successful Tape-out Experiences

Chipchain has many successful tape-out experiences under different technology process nodes and has formed a mature and complete design process, which can help customers to complete the design of GDSII efficiently and reliably.

One-stop Chip Services

Chipchain has a professional design team, complete supply chain management capabilities and a wealth of module IP to provide customers with chip design, IP authorization, tape-out, packaging and testing and other one-stop professional services.